Tesla Solar Panels vs. The Other Guys

Addressing a common concern for solar customers

We occasionally hear from those interested in switching to solar that certain name brands are on their mind. These people usually express that they want to look into such headliners as Tesla. Of course, having the trendy Tesla logo somewhere on your solar panels might be what some people want. What some might not realize, however, is that paying for such a brand comes with an added cost cost. According to recent research from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), large installers like SolarCity (Tesla’s solar panel manufacturer and installer), usually price their products at a premium of about 15% over local installers like us at Solar Works Energy.

What’s more, given Tesla’s history as a more high-end automobile manufacturer, we can safely assume that their line of solar products would have price points on par with their luxury market. Looking carefully at all your options is important with any investment, solar panels are no different.

Another thing we often see from customers in the market for solar panels is hesitation in making the switch to solar. Our knowledgeable customers know that technology is rapidly changing and they question whether waiting a few years for better or cheaper technology would be wise. While it may be true that technology is improving, the tax incentives that currently return 30% of a purchase of solar panels will gradually be phased out. By 2022, the tax incentives will fall to only 10% – a 66.67% decrease to the current incentive. Technology may be changing quickly, but it won’t improve at such a rate to make these tax incentives worth missing! The time to make the switch to solar power is now, and all of us here at Solar Works Energy want to make your transition to a clean and renewable source of energy as smooth and cost effective as possible!

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