Solar Owner Feature: The Taylors

When it comes to owning a home, there are many expenses that have to be considered. It isn’t surprising that with the rise of electricity many people are switching to solar across the country. In New Mexico, alone there was a 7% increase for electricity September 2016 – and that number is projected to grow even more!

This was the exact motivation that lead Joan and James Taylor to switch to solar, February 2017.

The Taylors have owned their adobe styled home in Rio Rancho for over 15 years. Each month, they were spending about $150 to power their home through PNM, sometimes reaching bills as high as $300! It may not seem like much, but that’s nearly $2,000 a year. Here at Solar Works Energy, we know that you can save A LOT and your hard earned money can be spent better!

What did switching to solar mean for the Taylors?

  1. They increased the value of their home.
  2. They locked in a low bill for life.
  3. They used a natural resource for power, tremendously helping a growing problem.
  4. They received a tax credit of $8,500!
  5. They worked with a local company that guarantees a 25-year warranty for their panels. And the list goes on…

“We feel like we have a lot more flexibility in our use. Our home is our safe haven and now one with a lot less worry.”

Cheers to the Taylor’s and their new energy independence!

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