Customer Experience Team

A lot of steps need to be taken from the time you choose to have solar installed, to when those solar panels begin generating electricity for your home. Because of this process, we offer a customer service program to provide our customers with the care and service they deserve going forward.

Solar energy is a big investment, and we don't want you to think that you're alone once the panels are installed. We understand that you are relying on us to learn about your new system. Please feel free to contact our customer experience team and we'll get you on track to finding the answer to whatever questions you may have about your system.

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Meet the team

RAchel Beasley

Rachel Beasley, CEM

Rachel has ten years of experience in customer service and hospitality. She also has a degree in illustration and loves to draw. She's so excited to lead our new team in supporting you in any way possible!


Daisy Armendariz, Customer Experience Rep

Daisy has been with Solar Works for over a year and is now part of our customer experience team, and has previously had years of experience in customer service. She plays softball and volleyball, enjoys hiking, reading, and spending time in her garden and spending time with her daughter. She's ready to help you in any way she can!


Alyssa Samways, Customer Experience Rep

Alyssa has been managing businesses for 6 years. She's a fan of going to concerts, going on road trips, and spending time with her golden retriever. She'll be happy to support you on your install!


Tawny Sanders, Customer Experience Rep

Tawny has been helping customers her entire career in a series of different positions. She's excited to be in the world of renewable energy and helping people go solar. Contact Tawny and see what she can do for you!

You can contact our Customer Experience Team by phone and at any time by email:

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