Why Choose Solar?

Solar doesn't just save you money. It's also a great way to do your part.

Did you know?

The United States burns almost a billion tons of coal each year – that’s almost 20 pounds of coal for every person in the country, every day.

The social costs of coal in the U.S.

The EPA has determined that the social cost for each metric ton of carbon emissions is $37. However, a recent study by Stanford University suggests that the true cost is closer to $220 per ton. That means that the average household is racking up somewhere between $115 and $660 per month in social costs when buying from the local power company.

What exactly is a "social cost"? It's a cost that will be paid by us and our children in the future - one that isn't factored in to the end-price of a product. With pollution and coal mining comes health issues, climate change, and a range of other expensive-to-treat biproducts of the coal and oil industry.

By going solar, you reduce our dependence on dated, dirty, fossil fuels and do your part by being part of the solution.
The best part about solar is that it saves you money! The energy produced from a solar energy system is cheaper than buying it from the utility and you start saving as soon as the system is installed. Solar Works provides the solar panels, warranty, maintenance, and insurance all for no money out of pocket making going green a smart and easy decision.

Costs are on the rise

PNM’s costs per kwH (shown below) have historically been on the rise for the past 10 years. By going solar, you both can shield yourself from increased costs and make a great financial investment- not to mention reduce your environmental impact


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