Solar Myths

There are several myths about home solar of which you may be familiar. See below for the facts:

Myth: With a solar installation, a tracking system is required to follow the sun’s angle

Fact: Though efficiency can be gained through tracking mechanisms in solar panels, they do not provide enough reason in most cases to justify the extra expense and maintenance of moving parts on your home.

Myth: Solar panels aren’t aesthetically pleasing on my home

Fact: Many people know of the environmental benefits of going solar (reducing greenhouse gas production and lowering the carbon footprint) and the economic benefits, but many do not know that solar panel technology has evolved. Aesthetics of solar panels have never proven to lower home values or have any significance in terms of home value- if any thing, they increase home value! Newer thin film panels have also been enhanced by means of reduced thickness, more appealing colors and increased efficiency over the years. The panel placement can also be designed in a way that is most pleasing to the passer-by. In some cases, your panels may be able to be placed on your homes rear facing roof, further hiding the panels from view.

Myth:  Our home will now have power, even when the power from the grid goes out

Fact: With grid tied systems, your power can still go out. If you have a backup generator, you will be able to maintain power when the power is out.

Myth: Solar is expensive and the payoff periods are too long

Fact: You can absolutely save money by going solar. With a loan to finance your panels, a solar lease, any $0 down solar options or buying your solar panels outright, there is no reason for a homeowner to not go solar. We are a premier solar dealer in Albuquerque, New Mexico, with many financing options. Give us a call and we work with you to identify the best financing method for you.

Myth: Solar panels will aid in deteriorating your roof, causing it to leak or collapse

Fact: Roofs with solar panels actually act more as a protection cover for your roof than anything else. They are placed securely on your roof, so that they do not move around and tear up parts of the roof causing problems. Moreover, most solar panels are attached to a mounted railing system and not directly attached to the roof.

Myth: Solar panels requires high maintenance

Fact: Since solar panels do not have moving parts they do not require maintenance. Hosing them off once every year will be enough to keep them clean for solar panel owners. During the rainy season, mother nature will do the cleaning for you!

Myth: Excess solar power that is generated will be wasted

Fact: Any excess energy produced by your panels will cause the net-meter to spin backwards and you are credited by the utility company for that excess power. Energy is never wasted.

Myth: Solar panels do not work in foggy, cool and cloudy climates

Fact: Luckily, we don’t have to worry about that here in NM. Solar panels work efficiently in ambient light and still generate enough power even on the occasional cloudy day. In fact, the home solar panels work almost equally as good in cool weather (heat doesnt affect the panels, only sunlight does)

Myth: I should wait to go solar, as solar panels will get more efficient in time

Fact: With increased solar technology in terms of aesthetics, there have been only moderate changes in terms of efficiency. There will not be any breakthrough technological changes in the short term for solar that will warrant waiting.

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