Why Wait?

Why should you consider making the switch to solar power today?

Let’s ignore for a second the benefits to our environment that switching to solar provides (some estimate that switching to a 5 kWh electric array can offset the deforestation of over 100 trees per year!) and instead focus in on the bottom line of switching – the MONEY. With high quality solar systems costing New Mexico homeowners an average of about $20,000, it’s important to understand the options available to you for financing such a large expense. Fortunately, in New Mexico, you have options. If you have the money to buy a system outright, that’s great! You’ll end up making the money you spent back in an average of 10 years, and afterwards you never pay another bill for electricity again. The savings just keep piling up after that. For the rest of those who don’t have $20,000 lying around but who still want to reap the rewards from solar panels, the best option is a solar loan.

We realize the word loan makes people panic. However, this isn’t like other loans and here is why:

The federal government currently offers a 30% tax incentive for switching to solar, meaning you get 30% of the total cost of the system back as an income credit in your first year! Here at Solar Works Energy, we also provide free installation of the system and a 25-year warranty.

All this together means that you get a fully functioning, high-quality solar panel system installed on your home and, even after your first loan payment, about $5,000 in your pocket! Hard to believe but it’s true. Take a closer look at the graph below illustrating the returns on solar panel loans in New Mexico, courtesy of SolarPowerRocks.com.

The federal tax credit that makes these solar loans such amazing deals is expected to decrease significantly starting in 2019, so don’t wait and make the switch today!

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