Our Commitment to Quality and Excellence Sets Us Apart

In the rapidly expanding solar industry, it’s crucial to choose a solar installation company that sets itself apart from the competition. Solar Works Energy has been providing high-quality solar solutions since 2015, with a management team boasting over 70 years of combined industry experience. Our commitment to using only bankable tier 1 manufacturers, employing skilled in-house labor, and standing behind our products ensures our customers receive exceptional service and a seamless solar experience.

Only Bankable Tier 1 Manufacturers

Solar Works Energy believes in providing our customers with reliable, high-performance solar panels. That’s why we only work with bankable tier 1 manufacturers. Tier 1 manufacturers have a proven track record of quality, financial stability, and robust warranties. This designation ensures that our customers receive the best possible solar panels, backed by a solid 25-year warranty.

At the time of writing, we use Panasonic and Hyundai modules. Both brands are industry leaders with impressive histories and revenues. Panasonic has been in business for over a century, while Hyundai is a global powerhouse with billions in revenue. By choosing these reputable brands, Solar Works Energy guarantees our customers receive top-of-the-line solar solutions.

Skilled In-House Labor

We take pride in employing skilled in-house labor for the majority of our installations. While some competitors outsource 100% of their labor, we believe that having our team of experts ensures a higher level of craftsmanship and customer satisfaction. In situations where demand exceeds our capacity, we carefully train our subcontractors to meet our high standards.

Fair Treatment and Competitive Pay for Employees

At Solar Works Energy, we understand the importance of treating our employees fairly and paying them competitive wages. This approach results in higher quality craftsmanship and a better overall customer experience, as our team members are motivated to provide exceptional service.

Standing Behind Our Products and Ensuring Customer Satisfaction

We are dedicated to customer satisfaction and stand behind our products with confidence. Solar Works Energy is fully insured, and our accolades demonstrate our commitment to delivering the highest quality solar installations. Our core values of Mastery, Integrity, and Excellence are woven into every aspect of our business, ensuring that our customers receive the best possible solar experience.

A Strong Foundation and Years of Industry Experience

With a management team that has over 70 years of combined industry experience, Solar Works Energy has a solid foundation. Unlike startups that may lack the necessary experience, our team has the knowledge and expertise to navigate the complex solar market and provide reliable, efficient solar solutions for our customers.


Solar Works Energy sets itself apart from competitors through our commitment to quality, skilled in-house labor, and dedication to customer satisfaction. We use only top-tier solar products from reputable manufacturers and stand behind our work, ensuring that our customers receive the best possible solar experience. If you’re considering going solar, trust Solar Works Energy to deliver exceptional service and a seamless solar installation process.

Solar Works Energy is a NABCEP Certified, licensed, insured, and bonded contractor with a commitment to providing exceptional products and services. We have years of experience and have installed numerous solar energy systems. As a Panasonic Elite Installer, we have won Panasonic’s Residential Contractor of the Year award for the Southwest region in 2020, 2021, and 2022, and the Fastest Growing Contractor in the Southwest in 2019.


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