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On your electric bill. Forever.

Blue Skies, Green Energy

Why pay more for coal when you can pay less for solar?

The United States burns almost a billion tons of coal each year – that’s almost 20 pounds of coal for every person in the country, every day.


That's our average customer's monthly electric bill with solar

PNM's rates have risen 12% on average over the past 6 years with no end in sight. By going solar, you can fix your cost of energy for years to come.

Going Solar is Easier than you think

We do the work and pass the savings to you. You pay a lower price for clean energy. Forever. It’s that simple.


Lower Bill, Cleaner Power

Use the money you save from your solar electric system to do all the things you love.


$0 down, free install

No upfront cost, no installation fees, no catch. Simply get in touch and start saving.


Save Thousands

Enjoy a low, predictable energy rate with solar while the utility’s rates continue to increase. 

Happy Customers All Around

Our customers are our top priority. We manage all of the necessary paperwork and permitting required to give you a hassle free, professional, and clean installation.

Josh and family giving Solar Works Energy testimonial

Josh M.

It never felt so good to leave the light on! I’m so excited about this new system. Solar energy was always something I wanted, but could never afford. Now thanks to Solar Works, I’m enjoying solar and saving money without having to invest a penny.


Jesse C.

Solar Works made the environmentally conscious decision an affordable one for my family and I. I can not imagine why anyone would not do business with them. They certainly acted professionally, responsibly, and were very friendly and patient throughout the entire process


Installed Solar Panels


Happy Customers

With You Through Every Step

Solar Works makes going solar an easy decision. Our goal is to make choosing solar one of the best and easiest decisions you have ever made.



One of our trained consultants will help you determine if solar electricity is right for your home.


2. Site Survey

A thorough evaluation ensures that the system is engineered and optimized for your home energy needs.


3. Design + Permits

Our team of engineers will design the system with the best components and submit plans for approval.


4. Installation

Once permits are approved, our team of highly trained installers builds the system on your roof or land.


5. Savings

Immediately after the system is turned on you will begin to enjoy all the benefits of cleaner, cheaper power!


6. Spread the Word

For every referral you send to us, we'll cut you a check for $250 if they get solar on their home as well.

Ready to find out how much you can save?