Do Solar Panels Damage Your Roof?

When you decide to have solar panels installed, you suddenly start doing a lot more thinking about your roof than you’ve done in the past. Is it flat or pitched, is it metal or shingles, is it covered by trees?! In many cases, during the conversation about solar, homeowners decide to bundle the process of replacing their roof in with their solar panel installation!

So, after going through all this trouble to take care of your roof, you may be wondering, do solar panels protect your roof? Or do they damage it?!

Do solar panels damage the roof?

If your installation is done correctly, solar panels won’t cause any damage to your roof. Although there will be holes drilled into your roof for the attachment, these holes are carefully covered up by moisture-resistant material to ensure that neither the exterior nor the infrastructure of your roof will be damaged.

Will there be holes in my roof after having solar panels installed?

The team who installs your panels will have to drill holes in order to use bolts to attach the panels to the rafters of your home. These holes are then filled with weather-proof material so they are not make sure that your roof will not suffer any damage from the holes.

Do solar panels protect your roof?

To some extent, solar panels do protect your roof. Solar panels act as an additional barrier between your roof and the elements. This includes rain, snow, wind, debris…but also sun exposure. If you have shingles on your roof, the solar panels will protect your roof from the sun bleaching that would normally occur to your shingles.

Although the panels likely will not cover the entire surface area of your roof, the areas that are covered will in fact likely be better off in the long run for having been covered by the panels.

Do solar panels damage the roof?

How can you make sure your installation is done correctly?

Make sure that you trust the company you’re working with! Look up reviews online and if possible, talk to other people who have worked with the company to make sure that they were happy with the whole process.

Your best bet is going to be going with a local company whose word-of-mouth reputation is important to them. These are the solar companies that will likely take care of you and your project with integrity and be available to answer questions along the way.
Written by Mary Seibert at Mary Christina Marketing


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