How Does it Work?

Solar Works makes going solar an easy decision. Our goal is to make choosing solar one of the best and easiest decisions you have ever made.

Solar Works Energy Consultation

1. Consultation

One of our trained consultants will help you determine if solar is right for your home.

Solar Works Energy Site Survey process

2. Site Survey

We take measurements of your home, inspect your electrical system, and do a shading analysis to ensure that the system is engineered and optimized for your home energy needs.

Solar Works Energy Design process

3. Design + Permitting

Our team of engineers will design the system with the best components and submit plans to you and the local authority for approval.

Solar Works Energy system installation

4. Installation

Once approved, our team of highly trained installers builds the system and ensure that the work is complete to your satisfaction and in accordance with local building codes.

Solar Works Energy savings

5. Savings

Immediately after the system is turned on you will begin to enjoy all the benefits of cleaner, cheaper power.

Nothing! Solar Works offers a power purchase agreement so you can go solar for no money down. We install the system for free, that’s right free. Rather than buying power from your local utility, you can trade in your bill and pay for energy that is made from solar panels on your roof.

It depends. Unlike just about everything else in life, power companies charge you more and more depending on the amount of energy you use. Generally speaking, the more power you use, the more you will save. In some cases we save our customers over 30% on their bill! Every home is different, so contact us and a consultant will help you determine how much you can save.

We provide a full 25 year guarantee on the system. If anything breaks, we’ll fix it. If anything is damaged, even by your neighbor, we’ll fix it. You only pay for the power the system produces, so if for whatever reason the system doesn’t work, you don’t pay. Solar Works provides the safest, most risk free way to go solar.

Yes! The government offers a 30% tax credit and the state offers an additional 10% tax credit on the system. All incentives are calculated into the cost of power we sell so you get the lowest cost possible without having to hand over a large chunk of cash to own the system. You don’t have to deal with any paperwork to get your tax credits and don’t have to worry about any maintenance of the system.

If you sell your house you have three options to choose from, starting with the most common:
1. You can transfer the system just like any other utility to the new owner. The new owner gets the benefit of cheaper power too!
2. You can prepay the future power costs and give the new owner free power.
3. You can have the system moved to your new residence (at your own expense).

Still have questions about going solar? Get in touch with us.