Power Purchase Agreements

The best and easiest way to go solar

Solar Works offers several ways to get solar for no money down, but our favorite is a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

By choosing a PPA, you get all the benefits of solar including a lower price for energy than what you are already paying, but with the additional benefits of a full service and maintenance warranty, insurance, and the benefit of only paying for the power that the system produces.

Power Purchase Agreement graph comparison

Through a PPA you can shield yourself from ever having to worry about the equipment not working or breaking. If for whatever reason a component does not work, we’ll send out a technician to test and fix anything wrong with the system at no cost to you. What about hail damage, or a damage from a golf ball, or theft? It’s all covered under the system’s insurance policy. Simply give us a call and we’ll come out and replace damaged components.

Solar energy systems can be very expensive, so instead of spending the money up front to purchase a system, you can use your money to do more of the things you love .

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